Professional Interests

My primary research interest is fluid dynamics.  In particular, my PhD thesis considered the waves produced by bodies as they moved beneath the surface of water.  I developed a program that determines the shape of these waves and the energy contained within them, which is equivalent to the drag on the body if certain assumptions are made.  The main theme was the accurate computation of the waves subject to the fully-nonlinear boundary conditions, and a comparison of this with other pre-existing (and less accurate) linear theories.  Perhaps of most interest to the research community was the calculation of the forces on a submerged prolate spheroid (a submarine-like shape) in water of finite depth.

Most of my professional interests are directed towards the application of science and technology in the real world using a combination of mathematics, physics and computing skills.  To this end, I provide specialist consulting/contracting services.  See the Scullen & Tuck home page for more!


David Scullen